History and Alumni
 Michael Kennedy (left) shows list to a doubtful
Michael Wilson (middle) and Tim Ladd (right)

"Blackboard Nails" was one of many names on a list proposed by Ottawa artist Michael Kennedy in 1996. The Blackboard Nails have gone through many morphings since its initial incarnationas The Reluctants in 1993. The name "The Reluctants" was the creation of Nora Sobalov (photo unavailable). The band was founded by Michael Wilson, Nora Sobalov and Tim Ladd.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

The Alumni
Michael Wilson - bass, guitar, vocals
Nora Sobalov - guitar, vocals
Tim Ladd - guitar, trumpet, harmonica, vocals
Claire Thompson - keyboards, alto recorder, vocals
Valerie Pereboom - keyboards, guitar, vocals
Donna Petty - vocals
Peter Kozak - drums
Stephen Potter - keyboards
Ken Hoffman - sax
J.B. Polnicky - keyboards
Steve Kennedy - guitar, vocals
Mary Jo Murphy - vocals
Marie-France Robert - vocals
Scott Bradley - keyboards, sax, flute, vocals
Steve Brandy - drums
Damien Ladd - guitar
Tim Gautreau - drums, vocals
Brian Gaston - guitar, vocals
Catherine Miranda - vocals
Gary Moore - vocals
Kevin Wright - keyboards, vocals
Tom Krukowski - drums
Will Burton - drums
Don Dunphy - drums, guitar, vocals
Peter Kornherr - bass, vocals
Dan Lacasse - drums, vocals
Ginette Hamilton-Bood - vocals
Peter Tahan - bass, guitar, vocals
Rob Laurie - bass
Wayne Palmer - drums, percussion, vocals
Benoit Bourdage Palmer - drums
Rob Martin - guitar

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